Car Registration on Swiss Tourist plates

The cost for inspection and 1 year registration on Swiss tourist plates for your car is estimated as follows:

size of engine
up to 2963 cm³
over 2963 cm³
3rd party liability insurance only, discounted CHF
(basic 1'440.-) 1'260.-
(basic 1'880.-) 1'650.-
road tax, plates, registration, approx. CHF
customs, test, documents, approx. CHF
our handling (one time Fee) CHF
USA models: adjustment of ligths approx. CHF
RHD models: changement of lights is required CHF
- ? -
- ? -

Regular waiting time for a date for the inspection is about 14 days and on the day of the inspection,
we will need the car here for about 3 hours if everything goes smoothly.

To begin the procedure, please send or fax us copies of the car papers:

  1. car registration
  2. COC = certificate of conformity
  3. invoice
  4. main page of your passport
  5. deposit payment CHF 500.- (non-refundable)

Originals have to be here, at the latest, with the car. The rest of the payment should be in cash
(no credit cards) when the car is ready with the new registration.

In case your car has more than the standard factory installed equipment (other wheels, trailer hitch
etc), please advise of what has been changed or added.

Make sure that the car will be in perfect condition (lights, brakes, tires etc.) and it also has to be
cleaned underneath and inside the engine compartment.

Swiss tourist plates can be renewed every year and extensions can be handled by mail.

We hope that this information will help you and are looking forward to hearing from you again.

Best regards,
Peter Iczkovits

Bank : UBS AG, 8098 Zürich
Account : 230 - 404 555 02V - Peter Iczkovits
Swiftcode : UBSWCHZH80A 
IBAN : CH890023023040455502V